How to read your weed

Anyone else wondering where the convenient as f percentages went on your weed labels? Us too. Well, let’s not dwell on the past, because we can teach you how to do the math!

Our new mantra is “pass the decimal to the left hand side”. 😂  Read more about this important dosing lesson here. 

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Sup Cribs with Rashelle

Rashelle Campbell invited Superette over for a virtual hang at her home in the prairies. We chatted with her about being an artist with Indigenous Cree roots, who inspires her day-to-day, and her relationship with weed. We also got the chance to explore all the dreamy details and behind the scenes of where she makes her magic happen. 

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Budtender Chronicles: David Obike

We sat down (virtually) with David Obike, one of Sup’s Inventory Specialists, to get a better idea of what he does at the Spadina shop from to day-to-day. And while David isn’t technically a Budtender, we think it’s pretty sweet that he spends his time surrounded by weed. 

Sit back, smoke a j, and get to know your new bud.
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Some *Light* Reading with Sup

Craving some fresh perspective? Well, search no further and grab a j because right here is where the higher learning with Superette begins. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy some *light* reading.
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Have a Super Role Model

Meet Eric and Andrea Richards, a mother and son duo sporting our Sup fits. We chatted with them about creativity, cannabis, and what it means to be a SUPER Role Model.
Sup: Eric, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Eric: 👋...
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