Sandro Petrillo of SSSoaps

We’re ssso excited to introduce y’all to Sandro. After a demanding career in design and art, he decided to take a sabbatical and learn a new skill: making soap. This hobby quickly became a full time gig thanks to a quintessential pandemic pivot.
As a cannabis connoisseur, Sandro quickly found similarities between the ritualistic acts of using soap, and smoking weed. Soaps can be personalized to your needs as much as weed can. Learn more about Sandro and our sssuper SSSoaps collab.
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Budtender Chronicles with Alec Weston

We had the pleasure of sitting down with Alec, a Keylead from our Glebe shop. Alec brings a wealth of cannabis knowledge to his job and British humour we all know and love. Sit back, light one up and say “Sup!” to your new BFF, Alec. What location do you work at? I work at the Glebe shop. I originally started at Wellington but transferred to Glebe due to its close proximity to my home. I love it, it’s probably the coolest and most unique store in Ottawa, obviously with some slight bias behind that opinion. We get that reaction...

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If you live in the world, you've seen and read about CBD in the past few years. Your friend is using tinctures of it, it's an ingredient in a new beverage you discovered last week, and your exercise bud put you onto a muscle relief topical of it. But what actually is it? It's cannabis, but it doesn't get you high like THC does. So what does it do? Here's everything you need to know about CBD...
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Superette Bellwoods Guide

Sup TO! We’ve just opened our doors to Sip ‘N’ Smoke, our first express shop located at the top of Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods Park. We’re serving up a fresh new in-store experience - nothing like what you’re used to at your local Sup shop.
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Pete Florentini in the Big Smoke

Pete Florentini is a Peru-born, Madrid-raised, Toronto-based art director. He's a really interesting human who specializes in visual identity and custom typeface design. Pete grew up immersed in 90s counterculture of hardcore punk rock and grafitti writing. His personal background and professional skillset recently led to the creation of the Big Smoke Tourist Tee for Superette. We sat down with Pete to hear more about his life and the new merch project.

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Toronto Patio Szn in Effect

Michelle here, coming at you from Toronto! As Ontario opens up and the days get hotter, I’m so stoked to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s high time we all get the proper Big Smoke summer we’ve been waiting for. While you’re boppin’ around TO, make sure to stop by Superette Summerhill or Superette Spadina to stock up on some fresh flowers, edibles, cold infused bevvys or a pre-roll (or two). We're your one-stop-shop for essential goods to fire up patio szn with your best buds.
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Ottawa Glebe Guide

Community and entrepreneurship are some of the core values at Superette. From volunteering to stocking community fridges, our aim is to be a thoughtful neighbour and play an active role in each community we open a store in. We believe that independent businesses make up an essential fabric of every neighbourhood, so we’ve partnered with The Glebe BIA and Ottawa Food Bank to bring you our official Glebe Guide
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Legacy to Legal with BLLRDR

BLLRDR is a Canadian cannabis brand, widely known for its legendary strain, Afghani Bullrider. Led by Jef Tek, Noah Shebib, the BLLRDR team has decades-long roots in the legacy market as advocates producing high-quality cannabis for medicinal treatment. Jef’s late wife and cannabis cultural icon, Michelle Rainey, publicly championed the Afghani Bullrider strain until she passed away from cancer in 2010. BLLRDR carries her dying wish today: to make weed more accessible and legal for all.
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Fields of Opportunity with 4ye

We’re fired up to share our capsule collection with 4ye, a Brampton-based brand at the intersection of entertainment, clothing, and community. The reWork collection is a playful interpretation of cannabis culture, printed on sustainably sourced garments that are distinctly 1 of 1. Considering 4ye’s conscious decision to not produce new clothing, Fields of Opportunity breathes new life into vintage apparel. This collection pushes the boundaries of what’s become the norm in fashion, challenging our perceptions of both upcycled second-hand gear and last season's garments.

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BIG - Legacy to Legal

Meet El Hasho and BIG rosin. Blaise Independent Growers is a top-shelf producer of Canadian hash rosin. El Hasho, also known as Mike Imposimato, has studied the craft of extraction for over a decade and takes an artisanal approach to creating solventless live hash rosin. He's been a part of cannabis culture most of his life and is on a mission to normalize hash rosin to the masses. Read more about how he plans to do it.

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Carmel Cannabis - Legacy To Legal

Carmel Cannabis's mission is to create top-shelf flower. Led by Drew, the Head Grower, and Chris, the Head of Sales and Marketing, quality is everything when it comes to finding their place in the legal cannabis market.  As a mashup of design, culture, and innovative lab science, the Carmel crew goes beyond its reputation of exploring genetics and developing a portfolio of unique strains that are released in limited drops. They’re also a brand built on a community of creative thinkers who make a point of acknowledging their past in order to shape their future.     “Above all, a good brand...

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How to read your weed

Anyone else wondering where the convenient as f percentages went on your weed labels? Us too. Well, let’s not dwell on the past, because we can teach you how to do the math!

Our new mantra is “pass the decimal to the left hand side”. 😂  Read more about this important dosing lesson here. 

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Sup Cribs with Rashelle

Rashelle Campbell invited Superette over for a virtual hang at her home in the prairies. We chatted with her about being an artist with Indigenous Cree roots, who inspires her day-to-day, and her relationship with weed. We also got the chance to explore all the dreamy details and behind the scenes of where she makes her magic happen. 

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Budtender Chronicles: David Obike

We sat down (virtually) with David Obike, one of Sup’s Inventory Specialists, to get a better idea of what he does at the Spadina shop from to day-to-day. And while David isn’t technically a Budtender, we think it’s pretty sweet that he spends his time surrounded by weed. 

Sit back, smoke a j, and get to know your new bud.
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Some *Light* Reading with Sup

Craving some fresh perspective? Well, search no further and grab a j because right here is where the higher learning with Superette begins. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy some *light* reading.
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Have a Super Role Model

Meet Eric and Andrea Richards, a mother and son duo sporting our Sup fits. We chatted with them about creativity, cannabis, and what it means to be a SUPER Role Model.
Sup: Eric, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Eric: 👋...
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