Budtender Chronicles: David Obike

We sat down (virtually) with David Obike, one of Sup’s Inventory Specialists, to get a better idea of what he does at the Spadina shop from to day-to-day. And while David isn’t technically a Budtender, we think it’s pretty sweet that he spends his time surrounded by weed. 

Sit back, smoke a j, and get to know your new bud.
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Some *Light* Reading with Sup

Craving some fresh perspective? Well, search no further and grab a j because right here is where the higher learning with Superette begins. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy some *light* reading.
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Have a Super Role Model

Meet Eric and Andrea Richards, a mother and son duo sporting our Sup fits. We chatted with them about creativity, cannabis, and what it means to be a SUPER Role Model.
Sup: Eric, tell us a little bit about yourself!
Eric: 👋...
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