Budtender Chronicles: David Obike
We sat down (virtually) with David Obike, one of Sup’s Inventory Specialists, to get a better idea of what he does at the Spadina shop from to day-to-day. And while David isn’t technically a Budtender, we think it’s pretty sweet that he spends his time surrounded by weed. 

Sit back, smoke a j, and get to know your new bud.

Sup: what location do you work at? 

David: I'm at 49 Spadina, Superette’s newest Toronto location.

 Sup: what is your role at sup?

David: I'm an inventory specialist. So, I spend my day surrounded by weed  🥦 🥦 🥦

Sup: what attracted you to working at Sup?

Honestly, it’s the whole brand concept and youthfulness of the company.

Sup: what’s your relationship with weed?

David: weed has become a major component of my life. I use it to: 

🍔 eat

😴 sleep

🧘‍♂️ de-stress

🩹 relieve pain

😜 laugh

The list goes on, really. 

Sup: what does a normal day at the shop look like for you? 

David: My day-to-day starts with a check in with the team. Then conducting a count of all the sold products from the day prior. Afterwards, I'm just tending to any incoming online or door orders, until we begin closing shop.

Sup: favourite method of consumption? Favourite strain?

David: my favourite method of consumption usually changes. At the moment, it's currently smoking from my bubbler. My favorite strain is 7Acres Jack Haze

Sup: while most Budtenders are on the floor making suggestions to customers, you see exactly what products are being sold.

Can you tell us a bit about what’s popular in terms of format at your specific location?

David: at our location, I've noticed that edibles, drinks, and pre-rolls are frequently purchased. I think because the demographic surrounding us is just venturing into cannabis. They also may want small doses of cannabis while working from home. 

Sup: what do you predict will be the trend in cannabis this Spring/Summer?

David: I think the trend will definitely lean more towards pre-rolls, drinks and potentially powders. People will want quick and easy items to grab and go. Items that they can enjoy outdoors - especially with ☀️ patio season ☀️ just around the corner.

Sup: what’s something you’ve picked up since quarantine? 

David: stock and crypto trading.  Sup: that’s a pretty savvy pastime if you ask us! What else keeps you busy outside of Sup?

David: I devote A LOT of my time just scouring the internet for financial info and paying attention to the news. I'm very into stocks, crypto, and investing overall 💸 I like to think of investing in cannabis as a way of making all my money back that I burned through...no pun intended 😂

Sup: have any go-to terpenes?

David: definitely limonene! 🍋 Sup: you only smoke sativa - why?

David: I'm a very creative and in my head kind of person. I love to think and come up with ideas. Sativa helps me do all of that and more. I call it good gas, ‘cause as soon as I smoke it, I'm good-to-go (lol) 💨💨💨

Sup: have you experienced any stigma around working in cannabis?

David: none, actually. Which has surprised me.

Sup: do you have a tried, trusted and true cannabis brand? If so, why?

David: at the moment I would say it 7Acres. No matter where I've purchased, the batch date, the size quantity, the pre-rolls or the bud they've never failed me. I always get pretty good looking, great smelling, fresh buds. To top it off, the price is affordable and fair.

Sup: what are you looking forward to most about Toronto lockdown finally lifting?

David: the energy at our location is picking up for sure. But outside of that, getting to enjoy the outdoors and patios with the people closest to me.

Sup: same David, same. We can’t wait to get people exploring in the store and you’re a part of the reason Spadina has such super vibes. Thanks for that and thank you for sharing your Sup story 🤗