Sup Cribs with Rashelle

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Images by Anita Yuen @neatsauce


We’re throwing it back with Rashelle, Queen of the 90’s

Y’all must have heard of Rashelle Campbell by now! But in case you’ve been living under a rock or don’t have IG (which is basically the same thing), she is best known for her 90’s style rugs that can be found anywhere you look on the internet. This multi-hyphenated creative values playfulness and an abundance of colour as a means of exemplifying a more diverse standard of beauty; which is apparent throughout all of her work. Rashelle, who is currently living in the Canadian prairies, strikes the perfect balance between refined and rambunctious when it comes to her pop-art, and we’re here for it.

Rashelle isn’t just all fun and games though, with a background in the media industry, this sharp cookie has a lot to say, as she is deeply influenced by social and political conditions that affect her community and others around the world. 

Rashelle Campbell invited Superette over for a virtual hang at her home in the prairies. We chatted with her about being an artist with Indigenous Cree roots, who inspires her day-to-day, and her relationship with weed. We also got the chance to explore all the dreamy details and behind the scenes of where she makes her magic happen. 

Here, is where you’ll also get a good look at Flubbers in their natural habitat 😂 

Sup: Where do you find Inspiration?

Rashelle: The 90’s and early 2000’s pop culture makes my heart go boom boom! The style was so wacky and fun that I wanted to create a rug that evoked the same feeling we had as a pre-teen watching Much Music and snackin’ on dunkaroos. 

Sup: You’re a multi-hyphenated super star but what takes up most of your time these days? 

Rashelle: Awe, thank you! If I’m not tufting, then I’m cruising around West Edmonton Mall with a pretzel in my hand, and checking out the latest fashion drops! 

What’s life like in the prairies? 

I’m currently taking space on amiskwaciy-wâskahikan treaty 6 territory and it has been an absolute blessing. Since I am from here, I feel such comfort being on this land where my roots are from. My creative mojo has not stopped since I’ve started hibernating here! This city is spacious, flat, and sunny. What else more can you want!? (Kinda cold but whatever!) 

Sup: What’s your process like? 

Rashelle: My process for each rug is very short and sweet. I’m a very “don’t want to think about it, just do it” kinda gal. I’ll draw a shape and then I instantly have to just tuft it and see where the wind takes me. I find when I think about a design for too long it loses its magic. 

Sup: How did you dream up the Flubber? 

Rashelle: The designs of the flub came very naturally to me. As I was drawing, I was noticing that my shapes were looking like Flubber, so I went with it! I loved Flubber as a kid, just a little chubby bouncy glob who dances. I’ve always been drawn to curvy shapeless forms that are imperfect and unique. These feelings come from my own experiences of being a woman who is also very curvy and I wanted to reflect that in my rugs. 

We’re all so hard on ourselves with the way we look and it’s important for me to create art that is funky and brings you warmth. Flubber rugs resemble beauty in an imperfect way. 

Sup: Aside from your own magical art and design - what does your fantasy world look like? 

Rashelle: My ultimate fantasy world would be a world without colonialism, that thought gets me very turned on! Oh, and that I was bestfriends with Adam Sandler, and we would just tell each other jokes all the time. 

Sup: What are the social conditions that are influencing your work at the moment? 

Rashelle: With every collection I release I donate a percentage of my profits to a Canadian BIPOC organization. As someone who is bi-racial, it’s been a truly beautiful experience with all the support I have been receiving but a lot of work still needs to be done. I hope I can be a voice to help uplift Indigenous youths and provide more safe spaces for our BIPOC communities. 

You’ve got fans of all kinds. What is the main message you’d like to share with your followers? 

Societal pressures are very real but to remember to embrace your imperfections and just breathe. You’re cool, I’m cool, we’re cool! 😎 

Sup: What does this partnership with Sup mean to you? 

Rashelle: It means the world to me, it’s my first ever big collection with a truly beautiful team and company. This partnership has given me confidence and strength to keep doing what I am doing. Very grateful for Superette <3 

Sup: Awe, thanks Rashelle, we think you're super too. Being that we’re a team of stoners, we have to ask; what’s your relationship with weed?

Rashelle: Small but powerful! CBD is a superstar in my household. It helps with my arthritis and hip pain when I have inflammation as well my partner has Crohn’s disease and CBD really helps with his flare ups. 

Sup: Any tips on how to nurture our Flubbers?

Rashelle: Your new baby will take about a week to flatten out from being rolled in transport. I suggest to also not have it in direct natural sunlight, as the colours may fade. Due to how shaggy the rugs are, I’d suggest to pat it outside instead of vacuuming. Lint rollers work really well too! Being a hand tufted product each rug is slightly different and will have varying imperfections. Oh and don’t forget to kiss it and hug it daily! 

Sup: Thank you Rashelle. We just love you and your Flubs 💙