Some *Light* Reading with Sup

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Craving some fresh perspective? Well, search no further and grab a j because right here is where the higher learning with Superette begins. Get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy some *light* reading.


At Sup, our team is always up to a bunch of dope things; we take risks, think big, and never settle. We’re a small but mighty team that focuses on what means the most to us - that’s you! Every detail of our brand is all about creating moments of delight each step of the way. It’s important for us to go the extra mile and have a positive impact wherever we show up; whether it’s online or IRL at one of our three locations (and counting). Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience through thoughtful cannabis education and purposeful integration. We’ve got plans for the future that includes everyone, in fact, we envision a future that includes a Superette at the corner of each and every neighbourhood. From retail offerings to inspiring community collaborations, Superette is always looking for new ways to approach consuming cannabis. We want to showcase just how approachable weed can be and how easy it is to incorporate into your daily rituals and routines. So, whether it’s industry trends or cooking infused meals for friends, we’re all about sharing the power of our favourite flower with you.  


Superette is always looking for new ways to approach consuming cannabis.


Some of you are old pals, and know exactly what we’ve got in store: good vibes and even better weed. For those of you who are green to the cannabis scene, or got just stoned and aren’t sure how you even ended up here, we’d like to welcome you to the #HighVariety fam. We love what we do and invite y'all to join us for the fun as we work towards a future of normalizing weed - it is just a plant after all!