WTF is Hash?

You’ve probably heard of hash from your parents' stories from the 70’s. You may have also seen it before: small, brown and sticky. But you still don’t know WTF it is. Enter Sup! Here’s everything you need to know about hash...

Hash is the name given to cannabis concentrates where trichomes (the resin glands that form on cannabis flowers) are seperated from fresh and dried/cured flowers. That extracted material is then processed into a smokable or vapeable format. It’s also potent af.

The term “hash” has become an umbrella term over the last few decades, including the many traditional hashish methods and the more modern rosin and Butane Hash Oil (BHO).

Much like it’s flexible texture, hashish is a super versatile concentrate - it can be smoked, vaped, or infused into edibles.

It’s density doesn’t allow it to be easily smoked on it’s own, so the most common way is to mix it with dried flower. This creates enough airflow so the hash can burn properly and evenly.

There are a bunch of ways to incorporate hash into a joint. Our advice? Keep the hash away from the edges of the paper if you want it to stay inside.

Fill your joint halfway with flower and sprinkle in bits of hashish then cover with more flower.. Like a hash sandwich. If the texture is on the sticky side, roll it into a thin rope, and cover with flower until you have the desired thickness for your joint. 

If you want to get fancy with it, that thin rope can be wrapped around the exterior of the paper instead.

If y’all want to create a super successful hash bowl, you’ll need to line the bottom of your bowl with dried, ground flower. Drop small amounts of crumbled hash on top of your flower, then you’re good to go! Why do you need to use dried flower under the hash? Great question, reader! It prevents the burning hash embers from sneaking into your bong or pipe.

You’re able to skip the flower altogether and use a bong or pipe screen instead. The screen should be placed in your device’s bowl and prevents the fully melted hash from entering the bottom.


A benefit to using extracts instead of a large volume of dried flower is reducing the bitter and herbaceous cannabis notes that affect the taste of edibles. This allows you to try more subtle flavours and scents without competing with the challenges of heated plant material. 

Not in the mood to smoke or vape? We got you. Hash can be further extracted and infused into carrier oils like MCT, coconut, or good ole’ butter to make edibles and topicals. Like THC, hash needs to be decarboxylated (aka heated up) to activate its dominant cannabinoids.

One of the *many* benefits of using extracts instead of dried flower is that it reduces the bitter and herby cannabis notes that affect the taste of edibles. 

Vaporizers, or vapes as the cool kids say, have become a staple for modern cannabis users. To use hash in a vape, it’s suggested to use the good ole sandwich method since it melts when it’s heated and can leave super stubborn residue in the chamber.

Here’s a quick how-to:

  1. Prepare flower: grind your favourite flower and lightly pack a layer in the chamber.
  2. Prepare hashish: Lightly apply a little flame to a small piece of hash to activate the resin. Place on top of flower in the chamber.
  3. Vaporizer Run: Set the device to 190°c and rim for 2-5 minutes, increasing the temperature to a maximum of 210°c. You will experience a lasting and robust flavour combined with a noticeable big vapour release at this temperature.