Verse Concentrates

Live Terp Killer Kush 510 Thread Cartridge


The Verse Concentrates LIVE TERP Killer Kush 510 Cart maximizes the fresh live terpene and cannabis profile of the strain. We begin with carefully selected, ultra-premium, fresh B.C.-grown Killer Kush cannabis. We then carefully flash-freeze the fresh cannabis to lock in and preserve the delicate and volatile compounds. A refined method of supercritical CO2 extraction carefully extracts and collects the complete rich terpene profile of Killer Kush. This comprehensive profile is blended with high-purity distillate to create an experience that tastes like a live plant and doesn't compromise on potency. The cartridge is compatible with 510-thread batteries and is manufactured with glass and high-grade medical stainless steel. It features a ceramic heating element and mouthpiece. Our premium line of small-batch concentrates focuses on translating the essence and profile of the living plant into the extract itself.