Verse Concentrates

Killer Kush Live Resin Badder


Meet Live Resin Badder by Verse Concentrates – our premium line of hydrocarbon extracts focused on translating the essence of the living plant into a final product. Derived through hydrocarbon extraction using fresh-frozen cannabis, Verse Live Resin Badder is a whipped, smooth, and creamy concentrate with a full spectrum of plant cannabinoids and terpenes. Our carefully executed method of freezing fresh cannabis locks in and preserves the delicate and volatile compounds of the plant. This badder is derived from the premium, indica-dominant Killer Kush strain, grown proudly in the heart of the Okanagan, British Columbia. This cultivar has been carefully selected for qualities that reflect Verse; fresh, potent, with a lemon citrus and grassy pine nose, produced by lead terpenes caryophyllene, myrcene, guaiol, and bisabolol. It comes in a premium, non-reactive glass container for freshness and is ideal for portable vaporizers and dab rigs. Verse write the future.