QDC Coil 5 Packs


Shatterizer's Quartz Dual Coils (QDC) Coils come standard with the Shatterizer portable vaporizer Starter Kit. Replacement Shatterizer QDC coils are available in convenient and affordable 5 packs. QDC Coils offer consistent, dense and flavourful vaporization. The quartz dual coil option is very easy to clean and maintain, lasting 2–3 weeks with moderate usage. When it's time to replace a QDC coil, the power button light will flash. Simply unscrew the “used” coil and screw in the new one! Shatterizer's QDC technology is designed to get the most enjoyment out of your cannabis concentrates and extracts, delivering perfect clouds every time. Please visit for more information on coils, how to videos and cleaning instructions.