Mood Ring

Craft Golden Berry


Craft Golden Berry is an indica dominant hybrid with a sweet-spicy berry taste, which is delicate and natural without being overpowering. The flavour profile includes undertones of red berries, slight skunk and pine aftertaste. Hang dried, hand selected, hand portioned and hand packaged and finally sealed in nitrogen to preserve quality, humidity, freshness and terpenes to ensure Mood Ring Craft Golden Berry arrives in the customer's hands just as it was when it was selected by our award-winning cannabis sommelier. Mood Ring Flower is carefully sourced and curated by our award-winning cannabis sommelier. Leveraging decades of experience to bring you the most unique and highly sought-after cultivars from revered growers across Canada. Our premium buds are sealed in a tin with nitrogen. Nitrogen locks in the freshness, keeps out light and oxygen, while preserving the terpene profile. Top terpenes are caryophyllene, limonene, farnesene, myrcene, linalool.