Lotto 420 Tee


Opening up a weed store in 2018-2020 required a golden ticket from the Ontario retail operator lotto. After much booing, Ontario got rid of this flawed system, and now weed shops are budding in every neighbourhood. To celebrate Canada's third legal 420, we created this Sup lotto t-shirt that makes everyone feel like a winner this time around.

  • 100% Combed Cotton Jersey
  • Double-Needle Stitched
  • Gender-free sizing designed for a relaxed fit - If you fall between two sizes, please consider whether you prefer your clothes to be more fitted (we recommend sizing down) or more relaxed (we recommend sizing up).
  • Garment-washed & pre-shrunk
  • Made in Canada

Care instructions to extend the life of your garment and our globe: flip inside out, toss in cold cycle, and air dry