Muscle & Joint CBD Cream


Created by pharmacists, Cabidain Muscle/Joint CBD Cream in Dosing Applicator is formulated in a hypoallergenic, paraben-free transdermal base. The pharmaceutical-grade cream base is non-greasy, odourless, non-comedogenic, and contains Vitamin E and aloe. Cabidain's concentrated formula delivers a higher amount of CBD in a lesser amount of cream, meaning a little goes a long way. Cabidain's unique, metered-dose applicator is designed to deliver precisely 2.5 mg of CBD per application and contains 160 applications in total. The applicator can also be used to apply Cabidain directly to the desired areas, eliminating messy hands and wasted product. Combining the metered-dose applicator, the transdermal cream base, and a highly concentrated formula gives you full control over how you use Cabidain to obtain the desired effects.