Beurre Blanc.

Carte Blanche Live Rosin Disposable Pen


Crafted by connoisseurs for connoisseurs, Beurre Blanc. represents the pinnacle of small batch concentrate production. The first live rosin vape from Beurre Blanc. features the Lemon Cream Cake cultivar that crosses Lemon Margy and ICC, custom bred by the Canadian team at Mother Labs. A complex mashup of lemons, vanilla, and baked goods creates a one-of-a-kind flavour. This harvest was grown indoors at Safari Flower Co., a boutique grower located beside a sanctuary for exotic animals in the Niagara region. The flower is hand-bucked and frozen fresh for our expert hash makers who separate the trichome heads in ice water and squish the bubble hash on low-temp plates to create a true spectrum live rosin oil. Using proprietary 14th Round technology with USB-C charging, this all-in-One hardware offers precise vaporization control tuned specifically for this live rosin oil.