Big Flubber Rug


Superette is partnering with Rashelle Campbell, a creator and photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, with Indigenous Cree roots.
Her love for playful colours and 90’s pop is an inspiration for her work.
Rashelle’s rugs can be spotted in S Magazine and Toronto Star & we’re excited to have this one-of-a-kind collection online and in-store.


Made with 100% acrylic yarn in Canada while watching reality tv



Rashelle Campbell (she/her) is a multidisciplinary creative individual with Indigenous Cree roots influenced deeply by social and political conditions.
She values playfulness as a means of exemplifying a more diverse standard of beauty, which often sings in her photography.
Her love for colours is within everything she creates.
Her work is refined yet has a 90's pop edge.
With a background of communications and public relations in the media industry, she molds into any form of creativity that inspires her. She is currently residing in the prairies.


Hand tufted rugs will take about a week to flatten out and recover from being rolled in transport. Being a hand tufted product each rug is slightly different and will have varying imperfections.
Nurturing your rug will increase the life of it and allow it to lounge in your home longer.
Rashelle suggests to not have it in direct natural sunlight, as the colours may fade.
Due to the shagginess and it being a handmade product, She recommends instead of vacuuming to give it a little pat outside to let the dust and snack crumbs be free or use a sticky lint roller.
Each rug is backed with carpet adhesive and a felt backing.
It is not machine washable, take a wet cloth for any markings.
These rugs are gentle like you!


Being a hand tufted product, each rug is slightly different and will have varying imperfections. No rug is the same, truly one of a kind.