Artisan Batch

Sauce Rosin Labs Mimosa Live Rosin


Sauce Rosin MMMOSA Live Rosin is a water-based solventless extract made using MMMOSA whole flower, a cross between Clementine and Purple Punch. The plants are hand-washed and hang-dried indoors, and are frozen before undergoing an agitation process to gently remove the trichome heads. This creates Ice Water Hash, which is graded into a premium spectrum (73µ-159µ) and pressed at 170F. The pressing process creates the first-press live rosin, which is immediately placed from the press into a jar to avoid becoming taffy-like. This also allows the extract to preserve its more delicate terpenes, such as myrcene and trans-caryophyllene, which lead this cultivar's terpene profile. Sauce Rosin MMMOSA Live Rosin has a flavour profile of fresh pressed oranges, flower bouquets, and hints of grape. It has a bright orange and golden colour with a glass-like consistency and it melts clean on the banger with no residue.