Argyle Oral Spray

THC:920.00 - 1000.00 mg/bottle
CBD:1000.00 - 1400.00 mg/bottle
Plant Type: Indica Dominant

Argyle oral spray is made with CO2 extract from a greenhouse-grown indica-dominant strain with very strong THC potency, and is formulated with non-GMO peppermint flavored liquid coconut oil. Its eclectic terpene profile (myrcene, found in lemon grass and thyme; linalool, in lavender, mint and cinnamon; caryophyllene, in black pepper and cloves; limonene, in citrus fruits and juniper; and humulene, found in hops and coriander) combine to give it clove-like notes with earthy hints. It's available in 40 ml bottles. All oil products sold at are for ingestion only. DO NOT smoke or vape these oils. Use as directed.


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