Any burning questions you might have before or after your visit our locations to get your High Variety goods. 


Q: What ID do I need to enter the store? 

We accept Canadian issued ID only, such as a driver's license or passport. If that’s not an option, we also accept international passports as a form of identification. Please ensure all identification documents are valid and not expired. 


Q: Can I pay in-store? 

A: Sure can! As per the Government of Ontario’s new regulations, payment can be made online OR in-store (and yep, we accept cash).


Q: Can I call in with my order and give you my credit card information? 

A: We are predominantly set up to do Click & Collect through superetteshop.com. If it’s not working, though, give us a shout! Reach out to info@superetteshop.com & we’ll hook you up with a member of the team to get it sorted.


Q: How do I do pick-up my cannabis? 

A: Select Order Cannabis in the upper left hand corner of our home page. That will bring you to our online menu. Search our in-stock products and fill your shopping cart up to 30g. Create a profile (or don’t - but if you don’t, you won’t receive an email confirmation), pay and check out! Once you have your confirmation number, head on down to the store during store hours and pick up your order.


Q: Do I need to put my real name for the order? 

A: Yes please. Normally we dig a good code name, but for our team’s sanity please put your real name so we don’t get 1,000 Snoop Doggs coming in for their orders.


Q: I am searching for a cannabis product and it’s not showing up. What do I do?

A: If it’s not showing up, we’ve likely sold out of it! If you need help finding a replacement, reach out to info@superetteshop.com and we will help guide you to a different product.


Q: Do you accept cannabis recycling? If so, what can be returned? 

A: Cannabis packaging (dried flower/pre-roll/oils/capsules) - no. Vape recycling - yes!


We’ve partnered with our pals at KOLAB and Greentec to help keep the world clean while you vape green. You can bring your vape waste to any of our stores to be recycled, including:

  • 510 cartridges 
  • 510 batteries 
  • Disposable vapes 
  • Pax Era concentrates pods


Q: I didn’t like the cannabis product I picked up, can I return this? 

A: You chose it, you smoke it. All kidding aside, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges.



This includes anything that you can purchase in our SHOP page that gets delivered to your doorstep (cannabis not included).  


Q: When do I need to order by for arrival before the holidays (December 23rd)? 

A: Get your goods ordered to get Santa stoned by the following dates: 

December 1st - USA & rest of the world  

December 7th - Canada residents 

December 14th - Ontario residents 


Q: What’s the deal with returns and exchanges?

A:Regular priced products may be returned for full refund within 14 days of receiving your parcel by emailing us at orders@superetteshop.com. Customers are responsible for all return shipping charges. All discounted orders are final sale, no exchanges or refunds.


Q: How long does it take for my goods to arrive? 

A: Please see our estimated shipping arrival dates here.  


Q: Can I purchase insurance for my package? 

A: Yes you can! At checkout you can choose to add Route to your order for $.98 or 2% of the cart value. Route covers your package if it's lost, damaged, or stolen and is all taken care of with a seamless one-click claims process. 


Q: My order never arrived!  

A: Our apologies! Please contact orders@superetteshop.com with your order number. 


Q: Do you offer gift cards?  

A: Not for our e-shop. We only have gift cards available to shop in-store.



While currently only available in Alberta, we think Jack is worth getting to know. A spicy and citrus puff, our rechargeable vape has all the right stuff. 


Q: Where can I get the vape? 

A: Our vape is currently available to residents of Alberta, both at licensed retail stores as well as albertacannabis.org 


Q: Why only Alberta? 

A: This is just a starting point for us! Keep in touch with us for new market launches as well as future product releases via our website, social media channels, and sign up for our newsletter here.


Q: Where can I get Jumping Jack? 

A: List of Alberta stockists coming soon! 


Q: What is the vape size and profile? [flavours] 

A: Jumping Jack is a 0.5g full spectrum 510 vape cartridge.  Expect a spicy and sweet citrus aroma from this terpene heavy Jack Herer x Super Silver Haze cross sativa.


Q: What process did you use for extraction?  

A: We use a solventless terpene extraction prior to the C02 extraction.


Q: What is a 510 vape battery? 

A: A 510 compatible battery is required for Jumping Jack (510 refers to the threading, which is the industry standard for most vape products).  Good news: we have a Superette branded 510 available to pair with Jumping Jack! 


Q: Is it recyclable? 

A: We’ve partnered with our pals at KOLAB and Greentec to help keep the world clean while you vape green. You can bring your vape waste to any of our stores to be recycled, including:

  • 510 cartridges 
  • 510 batteries 
  • Disposable vapes 
  • Pax Era concentrates pods


Q: Who did you work with for Jumping Jack?

A: Our partners for Jumping Jack are:  

Q: Can I travel with my Jumping Jack? 

A: We recommend that you don’t fly with your 510 cartridge because they are prone to leakage at high altitude. 


Q: Issues or feedback with the vape?

A: Feel free to let us know how your Jumping Jack experience was at cannabis@superetteshop.com



Here are a few of the precautions, we’re implementing to ensure a safe working and shopping experience at our shops: 

  • Mask Coverings — For everyone’s health and safety, masks are required for our team members and customers.
  • Menu  — Wanna keep things clean? Use our handy contactless menu: so you can view our flower features from your screen. Available in-store and displayed on our windows.
  • Wellness Checks — Our teams complete health checks daily before their shifts and will take appropriate steps to protect both their health and well-being, as well as the safety of their surrounding spaces.
  • Team Member Training – Store teams will take mandatory training courses dedicated to COVID-19 safety protocols. Disposable masks and gloves are available on-site for all team members - before, during and after their shifts. 
  • Feeling Under The Weather? — As much as we’d love to see you, if you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please rethink your visit to our shops, stay home and take steps to protect your health. Feel better soon, pal! 
  • Physical Distancing — Safety first. We’re adhering to social distancing guidelines and ask that our teams and guests maintain at least 6 feet of distance between themselves and others. Plexiglass is also in place at our cash wraps to ensure the safety of our teams and customers at checkout.
  • Regular Cleanings — High touch surfaces (eg. menus, flower wall, and budtender bar) will be disinfected after every customer use, and we are continuing to proactively conduct cleanings and provide disinfectant supplies and alcohol-based hand sanitizer in all of our stores. We also use an external agency for thorough store deep cleans.  
  • Fitting Rooms — Our fitting rooms are closed for the time being. 

By prioritizing your safety and our community, we are hopeful that together we can all make a difference.

Thank you for your continued support as we come together to help battle COVID-19.  

We can’t wait to see you at the shop.

Superette pals